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雅子スチュワートは、マリッジ 、ファミリーセラピストです。雅子は10年以上が非営利団体での経験があります。

大学で勉強するために1992年に日本からサンディエゴに来ました。彼女はサンディエゴ大学をミュージック (ハープ)卒業。卒業後もUSDシンフォニーで演奏を続けました。現在もハープ演奏を続けています。その後、サンタモニカの大学院ででカウンセリング心理学の修士学位を取得しています。




About Masako



Masako Stewart is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working with individuals, couples, and families. Masako has more than fourteen years experience working with a non-profit organization and managing a residential psychiatric facility.

Masako came to San Diego from Japan in 1992 in order to pursue her education. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a performance music major. She has since continued her harp performances with the USD Symphony and others. She received her masters degree in Counseling Psychology from University of Santa Monica.   

Masako received training and interned at an after school program for children who have Autistic Disorder and Asperger's Disorder. Masako also received intensive training on grief issues at a hospice for two years. 

Masako opened her own private practice in La Mesa in 2009 and opened another office in San Diego in January, 2012. 

Masako has been happily married for six years. When she is not working, she likes to play the harp, perform with a local community wind ensemble, practice yoga, and spend time with her husband. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, who enjoys organizing their trips.

​Masako is a member of CAMFT
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists


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