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Individual Counseling


In our life, we experience many ups and downs. Sometimes you feel stressed out at work, home, and school.  You may feel nothing is working for you at times.  Perhaps you just lost your job, home, and relationship.  Maybe you are struggling with your self-esteem and feel like you are not being able to move on in your life.  

Whatever you are experiencing in your life, individual therapy provides a supportive and caring environment for you to heal and explore positive changes in your life.  

Every thought that we think is creating our future.

Our self-acceptance and self-approval are the keys to our positive changes.  Therapy can help you to see a situation in a learning opportunity and lead to self-growth.  During individual therapy, you will learn to release your feelings and concerns in a healthy way. 

The benefits of this work can result in enhancing your self-esteem, improving your relationship with yourself and others, as well as decreasing the signs of depression or anxiety and gaining your self-confidence, and improving your problem solving techniques.    

It is never too late!  If you have any questions and concerns about therapy, please contact me.

Please print these pages prior to your visit:
Informed Consent Form
Notice of Privacy Practice